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Tailored and science-backed solutions to optimize sleep, reduce stress, and improve performance—for anyone and everyone to live life to the fullest.

It’s all about your health

The name Virtusan came from the Latin word “virtuous,” and we have one mission: to bring better health and longevity into everyone’s lives. We work closely with our Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Shauna Shapiro, and Dr. David Sinclair, to imbue their joint knowledge in biology, neuroscience, and psychology into our products—for users to experience a truly holistic health journey.

Science as a Service

To actually deliver better health, we focus on…

Health and wellbeing

Everything that we build centers around one thing: to improve your mind and body health.

Science-backed research

Our work is validated by world-leading scientists, to ensure that whatever you do will be impactful.

Integrated product development

Our Product Team will ensure that your Virtusan health journey is intuitive, simple-to-adopt, and memorable.

Our mission

Your health is non-negotiable

We’ll help you build better wellbeing and achieve longevity by tackling problems that everyone goes through, namely:


The 4 foundational pillars

There are 4 foundational pillars to human health, and our methodology—meticulously crafted with the help of our Scientific Advisory Board—revolves around building behavioral change within these pillars.

Multi-sensory stimuli

Your surrounding affects your wellbeing, from natural sunlight to night-light for a sound night of sleep. We’ll help you understand how everything ties together.


You may be eating well, but are you eating right? Is your body getting the right nutrients? We’ll help you incorporate nutrition practices into your daily life.

Physical fitness

Employ Virtusan’s physical fitness knowledge to improve your physical health, cognitive performance, and live a long and happy life.

Mental fitness

We have a myriad of practices to help you comprehend the steps it takes to achieve mindfulness—with practices to push back on stress in real time and build resilience.

Our products and services

We provide 3 distinct products to ensure longevity, catering to individuals, hotel guests, enterprise employees, and more.

In-person technology

Emerse blends science, technology, immersive experiences, and architectural design to enhance wellbeing and performance.

Mobile application

The Virtusan App is available for anyone to download, with practices to help you feel great—anytime, anywhere.

B2B solutions

Help your workforce to reduce stress on the job and focus on what you employed them to do.

In-Person Integration Technology

Welcome to Emerse

Emerse is our extension into the physical space. Discover how you can implement our methodology through cutting-edge technology in various environments.

Visit Emerse

Virtusan App

Wellbeing in your pocket

Your one-stop-shop for mind + body health.

Foundational practices

10 practices across 4 foundational pillars to help you sleep better, stress less, boost performance, and improve physical health.

Backed by science

All practices are based on research by our world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board, for building healthy habits that last.

Create your routine

Implement a personalized routine with practices and reminders to best suit your needs—morning, afternoon, and evening.

Track progress

Measure your progress each week to help you make informed, impactful decisions about your health and wellbeing habits.

For employers

Virtusan for Enterprise

A web app for enterprise customers to grant employees access to the Virtusan App, foster better workplace wellbeing, and increase business output.

User management

Manage subscriptions for everyone in your organization to ensure they have access to tools to improve workplace wellbeing.


Monitor progress and drive employee engagement with secure and aggregated data.

Gather feedback

Contact employees and gather feedback concerning their wellbeing—in a few clicks.

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