Ascending beyond fear and anxiety — Modern Day issues with a Prehistoric brain

Christopher Gabriel

7 September 2023


The concept of fear carries a pervasive weight in our lives, impacting our well-being in various ways. Fear can manifest in different forms, infiltrating our thoughts and emotions even during seemingly ordinary activities like walking a dog or playing golf. This begs the question: why does this four-letter word have such a profound influence on our state of mind?

The idea presented is that fear, as we know it today, is an outdated remnant of a time when it served as a vital survival mechanism. In ancient times, being alert and cautious due to fear was essential for our ancestors' survival against numerous threats from the environment. Fear made them resilient, alert, and adaptable, ensuring the continuation of their genetic lineage.

However, in the modern 21st century, the survival challenges our ancestors faced have evolved drastically, rendering our fear responses largely unnecessary and often counterproductive. This mismatch between ancient fears and contemporary life has led to experiences like anxiety, characterized by tension, worry, increased heart rate, and intrusive thoughts.


To overcome this maladaptive fear response, the key lies in shifting our perspective and understanding how to manage our bodily reactions to stimuli. It involves training our nervous systems to respond thoughtfully rather than reactively, reassuring ourselves of our safety, and using our breath to regulate our nervous system. It also requires letting go of the need for excessive control over our environment and experiences.

Ultimately, achieving well-being involves embracing mindfulness practices that encompass the four pillars of health: nourishment, movement, sleep, and mental fitness. These practices lead to a more unified and empowered sense of self, transcending the boundaries of mind and body. By relinquishing attachments and acknowledging the unknown, we can find inner peace and a deeper connection within and beyond ourselves, ultimately striving for a higher purpose and a higher power, leading to ascension.