Generali partnered with Virtusan to empower their employees with enhanced resilience through the practice of mindful breathing exercises.

Marc Hautle

13 September 2023


Generali & Virtusan: Cultivating Employee Resilience with Mindful Breathing

Generali, in a transformative collaboration with Virtusan, embarked on an innovative initiative designed to elevate employee resilience through the power of mindful breathing exercises. This groundbreaking program introduced an ingenious mobile application that not only simplified but also enhanced the participant experience by seamlessly tracking their breath counts.

One of the program's distinctive features was the introduction of a dedicated breath coach, whose expert guidance offered participants invaluable insights into the practice. This personalized support not only facilitated comprehension but also fostered a deeper engagement with the material.

A testament to the program's impact and effectiveness was the remarkable continuation observed even after its formal conclusion. Astonishingly, half of the participants opted to continue using the app independently, a clear indication of the lasting positive influence it had on their daily lives.

This real-world case study showcases the tangible results of Generali and Virtusan's collaborative commitment to employee well-being, affirming the significance of innovative solutions in nurturing a resilient and thriving workforce.


Breath by Breath

In our impactful mindfulness program, participants collectively took over 80,000 breaths, dedicating a total of 190 hours to the practice of mindful breathing. Through the completion of over 2,500 breathing exercises, measurable improvements were witnessed in focus, mood, and stress reduction, reaffirming the effectiveness of our approach. A testament to the program's success is that 50% of participants continued utilizing the mindfulness app even after the program concluded.

These impressive facts and figures underscore the tangible benefits of mindfulness practices in the workplace, demonstrating a direct enhancement in employee well-being and resilience. The success of this collaboration showcases the positive impact of integrating mindfulness into the workplace, paving the way for a healthier and more resilient workforce.