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Maintaining good health,

made simple

Virtusan aims to create a holistic solution for all—all people, all aspects of life, all the time. Backed by science, simple to follow, and covers key fundamentals for creating and maintaining healthy, productive, and happy lives.

The Scientific Advisory Board

Developed with world renowned experts

Dr Andrew Huberman

Professor Huberman is a tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology.

The Scientific Advisory Board

Developed with world renowned experts

Dr David Sinclair

Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Ageing Research at Harvard Medical.

The Scientific Advisory Board

Developed with world renowned experts

Dr Shauna Shapiro

Clinical psychologist, professor, and best-selling author. She’s an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and self-compassion.

Foundations of human health

With the help of our friends on the Scientific Advisory Board, we’ve identified four foundational pillars of human health.


1. Sleep Better

Adequate sleep is crucial for physical and mental health. We provide tools and resources to ensure you have a restful night of sleep, improve mood balance, and fall asleep with ease.

2. Stress Less

Meditation and breathing practices let your mind rest and recuperate. Our tool helps to relieve stress and anxiety from the get-go and build resilience.


3. Enhance Performance

Improve your performance by enhancing your concentration, focus, and productivity with the help of practices like NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) and 40 Hz Binaural Beats.

4. Improve Physical Health

Build routines to help you look and feel at your best. Start small—with Daily Hydration, a water tracker to ensure you drink enough daily.


Health is a Habit

Altering habits can be challenging,  but our brains possess the remarkable ability to change  'neuroplasticity.'  Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change and adapt in response to experience.

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"“The human species was given this tremendous gift of neuroplasticity, the ability to change ourselves and be better in deliberate ways [...] and to leverage it toward being better, feeling better, and showing up better for other people.”"

Dr. Andrew Huberman

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Wellbeing for all!

We’re firm believers that bringing health to all is a necessity. That’s why the Virtusan app is available to everyone. Download now to let us help you feel great and live long.

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How Virtusan helps

Our practices are designed in a way to trigger neuroplasticity and aid behavioral change, help your team stick to healthy habits, and ultimately enhance company growth and culture.

Meet the Virtusan team

We have a talented team of engineers, designers, and scientists, building a powerful solution to help you build habits, track progress, and become the best you.

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The Virtusan Blog

Explore new ways to enhance your well-being and harness the potential of your mind and body.