Published 26 January 2024

Consequences of a Workplace Devoid of Resources, Part 2: Solutions

In this article, we’ll explore how the right resources and solutions can nurture employee wellbeing, resilience, and performance.

(If you haven’t already, be sure to check out ‘Consequences of a Workplace Devoid of Resources, Part 1’, which covers why these solutions are so important.)

Imagine a workplace where employee wellbeing thrives in the face of stress and adversity. Transform this imagination into reality by combating stress and lack of productivity through a set of powerful holistic practices.

Self-regulation practices

    • Breath-work
    • Meditation
    • Heat and cold exposure
    • Resistance training

These practices stand as the bedrock of wellbeing, set to counteract the corrosive effects of unhealthy work culture and limited resources.

Virtusan provides a platform to help you track these practices within your workforce and empower teams to take control of their wellbeing. Our approach doesn’t merely combat the negative; it nurtures the positive, allowing employees to thrive amid challenges.


Breath, often taken for granted, becomes an instrument of empowerment. Through intentional breathing exercises, you gain a profound means of self-regulation. Deep, mindful breaths calm the nervous system, allowing you to confront stress with clarity and composure. The rhythm of inhaling and exhaling becomes an anchor, helping you relieve stress in real time.


In the midst of chaos, meditation can act as a calming mental sanctuary. Engaging in mindfulness practices cultivates a heightened awareness of the present moment. Mental clarity, emotional equilibrium, and resilience flourish within this state of stillness, empowering you to face and solve challenges head on.

Heat and cold exposure

The power of heat and cold as tools of self-regulation shouldn’t be overlooked. Exposure to controlled temperatures challenges the body and mind, fostering adaptation and resilience. Heat exposure invokes the body’s innate ability to endure stress, while cold exposure bolsters mental fortitude. Taking a cold shower for example, can strengthen a sense of self, ready to navigate the workplace’s challenges with newfound vigor.

Resistance training

Physical strength often equals mental health. Engaging in physical activity can awaken a sense of determination within. The lessons learned from overcoming physical obstacles extend to the mental and emotional realm, allowing you to overcome obstacles faced at work, and at home.


With breath-work, meditation, heat and cold exposure, and resistance training, the tools of resilience are within reach, transforming the workplace from a battleground to a sanctuary of growth.

By embracing these holistic practices, employees can emerge as champions of their own health. Empower happy and healthy employees to build resilience, improve performance, and ultimately boost the success of your organization along the way.


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